CMCB training and access checklist:


Training is available for McMaster employees, students and post-doctoral researchers.

  1. Please read through the CMCB safety document carefully.  Pages 3 and 4 (MDCL-2330; pages 2 and 3 for MDCL-2326) need to be filled in and signed by yourself and your supervisor.
  2. Read through the mandatory documents list and provide proof of up to date training.
  3. Arrange a training session with one of the CMCB technicians.
  4. Please bring items 1 and 2 to your training session.  Failure to do so, will result in no training.
  5. Upon completion of training users will be granted access to the facility.  Anyone who would like to use the facility outside of regular working hours, M-F 9-5, must read and sign the CMCB working alone policy.
Essential documents

Coming Soon.