The CMCB features six integrated modules designed to cover a large scope of research activities: high-throughput screening, protein synthesis and characterization, bioanalytical and mass spectrometry, NMR spectrometry, chemical synthesis and bioinformatics. Together, these six modules provide the means for the development of new drugs, addressing fundamental biological questions, developing novel analytical techniques and technology and training exceptionally skilled researchers. Systems are available for use by internal and external academic researchers on a user-cost basis.


As the first lab of its kind to be established in an academic setting in Canada, McMaster’s High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Laboratory provides exceptional screening expertise and service to researchers across North America.

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The Synthesis lab is a full service open access chemistry lab that offers synthesis tools to satisfy your synthetic organic chemistry needs.


The CMCB Protein Lab is our core area for cell growth, protein purification, assay development, and enzyme kinetics. Protein lab staff are experienced in the design, development and analysis of a wide range of applications.


The NMR lab is equipped with a Bruker AVIII 700 MHz NMR that is outfitted with an automated sample changer (SampleJet) and Cryoprobe for high-resolution experiments.


Specializing in the identification and quantification of small molecules, the Mass Spectrometry lab delivers high mass accuracy data. We provide analyses on a range of samples.


The Informatics lab provides common Information Management/Information Technology services to facilitate universal access to information throughout networks, and offers support related to computation.