High Throughput Screening

The High-Throughput Screening lab offers a diverse collection of chemical compound libraries available for use in cell-based and biochemical screens on our integrated robotic systems. One of the systems is enclosed in a biosafety enclosure, enabling biosafety level 2 screening. The CMCB HTS lab has over a decade of experience in screening, and our instrumentation allows us to screen a diverse range of targets accurately and at a fast pace. We offer training on the equipment to allow academic users the opportunity to become experienced users. Screening campaigns are offered to both academic and industrial clients.

Services offered

Assay Development and Validation

  • Assay and control design
  • Toxicity testing
  • Signal optimization
  • Temperature stability
  • Transfer from bench to robotics
  • Diverse small synthetic molecules
  • Bioactives
  • Natural products
  • Targeted collections

High-Throughput Screening Campaigns

  • Biochemical and cell based screens
  • Variety of assay readouts available
  • Pilot and large-scale campaigns

Data Analysis

  • Custom analysis for every screen
  • Data normalization
  • Hit identification
  • Detailed report

Hit Confirmation and Validation

  • Cherry picking and re-testing
  • Dose response curves
  • Validation using additional assays
  • Secondary screening