Protein Lab

The CMCB Protein Lab is our core area for cell growth, protein purification, assay development, and enzyme kinetics. Protein lab staff are experienced in the design, development and analysis of a wide range of applications. Our protein lab also features a Biosafety Level 2 area for growth and manipulation of Level 2 organisms. Training is provided on all equipment, allowing trainees the opportunity to become expert users in a wide variety of equipment. Staff are available for consultation around experimental design, and can be hired for custom projects serving both internal and external clients.

Services offered

Cell Growth and Lysis

  • Level 1 and 2 bacterial
  • Level 1 and 2 mammalian
  • Large volume bioreactor

Protein Expression and Purification Services

  • Protein expression in bacterial systems
  • Optimization of expression conditions and codon usage
  • Purification of native and affinity tagged proteins
  • Affinity tag removal
  • Affinity purification of polyclonal antibodies

Enzyme Kinetics and Assay Development

  • Wide variety of assay readouts
  • 96- and 384-well capable
  • ELISAs

Biomolecular Interactions

  • Label free quantitative analysis
  • Determination of association and dissociation rate constants
  • Confirmation of interactions
  • Epitope mapping and specificity
  • Concentration determinations for crude or impure samples

Real Time PCR

  • Gene expression analysis
  • Genotyping and allelic discrimination
  • Genetically modified organism detection