Mass Spectrometry Lab

Specializing in the identification and quantification of small molecules, the Mass Spectrometry lab delivers high mass accuracy data. We provide analyses on a range of samples, including small molecules in complex and pure samples, metabolomics, proteomics sample preparation, and instrument training and use. We have experienced staff available for consultation, assistance with experimental set-up, and troubleshooting.  Training is available on the Bruker microTOF, and for high resolution experiments we have a Thermo LTQ XL Orbitrap that is operated by our expert technician. Instruments are available for academic and industrial clients.

Services offered

Targeted small molecule analysis

  • Identification of small molecules from complex mixtures
  • Quantitative analysis

High resolution mass confirmation

  • Direct infusion or LC/MS
  • Publication quality data

Proteomics Sample Preparation

  • Consultation on experimental design and necessary controls
  • Sample digestion and clean-up
  • Help understanding results


  • LC/MS metabolomics
  • Assistance with experimental design
  • Sample preparation and extraction