Protein interaction array system that enables label-free quantitative analysis of biomolecular interactions in real time by surface plasmon resonance technology.  Ligand is immobolized on a sensor chip and analyte is flowed through a microfluidic channel to detect binding.  Provides real time data on the affinity, specificity, and interaction kinetics of protein interactions

Automated liquid handler equipped with a Span-8 pod that enables individual compound selection.  This system is used for hit selection and library customization.  It also features a hotel carousel, and plate reader for use in low throughput screens.

  • 6 x 6 interaction array for the simultaneous analysis of up to 6 ligands with up to 6 analytes
  • no radiochemical or fluorescent labels required
  • interspot data is also measured eliminating the need for a no ligand reference channel
  • autosampler with temperature control from 2-45°C
  • operating temperature range: 15-40°C
  • dynamic range: 1-40,000 RU
  • 6 chip formats
  • GL chips feature active carboxylic groups for covalent immobilization using primary amine groups; available in low, medium, and high capacity
  • NL chips have neutravidin covalently bound to the chip for immobilization of biotinylated molecules; available in low density format
  • HT chips allow binding of polyhistidine tagged ligands; available in low and high density formats