Sorvall ultracentrifuge

Floor model ultracentrifuge. Two swinging bucket and two fixed angle rotor options are available. Tubes are supplied by the user. Crimping tool for fixed angle ultracentrifuge tubes also supplied by the user.

  • Surespin 630 (36mL) swinging bucket rotor; 6 x 36 mL tubes; min speed 76,704 x g; max speed 166,880 x g
  • TH-641 swinging bucket rotor; 6 x 13.2 mL; min speed 135,005 x g; max speed 287,660 x g
  • T-865 fixed angle rotor; 8 x 36 mL; min speed 181,222 x g; max speed 429,459 x g
  • T-1270 fixed angle rotor; 12 x 12.5 mL; min speed 222,216 x g; max speed 448,811 x g