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Dr. Jianping Xu’s Paper Selected as a 2018 “Editor’s Choice” by the Canadian Journal of Microbiology

Dr. Jianping Xu, Professor in McMaster’s Department of Biology. The Xu lab is broadly interested in the study of antifungal resistance (AFR).

Earlier this week, Dr. Jianping Xu‘s manuscript “Limited evidence of fungicide-driven triazole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in Hamilton, Canada” was selected by the Canadian Journal of Microbiology as one of the “Editor’s choice” papers for 2018. This initiative by Canadian Science Publishing and the Canadian Journal of Microbiology is a means of highlighting articles of particularly high caliber and topical importance.

Within this study, Dr. Xu’s research team aimed to investigate the ongoing debate regarding the relationship between agricultural fungicide use and clinically relevant triazole resistance.

His team specifically looked at whether agricultural triazole fungicide use complicates the treatment of aspergillosis (infection by fungi of the genus Aspergillus) in Hamilton, Ontario, by analyzing populations of Aspergillus fumigatus from agricultural fields, urban parks, and patients.

The team found that despite frequent gene flows among these fungal populations, there is currently limited evidence of a link between agricultural triazole fungicide use and clinical drug resistance. However, both the agricultural and clinical populations showed significantly reduced susceptibility to two common medical triazoles than the urban park’s population – results that call for continued monitoring of this pathogen in Hamilton and similar jurisdictions.

Read the full publication in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology.


Christy Groves