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Dr. Marie Elliot Appointed Two Prestigious Leadership Roles for Achievements in Teaching & Science

Dr. Marie Elliot, Professor (and upcoming Chair) of McMaster’s Department of Biology and President of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists.

It has been an eventful summer so far for the IIDR’s Dr. Marie Elliot, who was recently granted two prestigious leadership roles for her outstanding accomplishments and contributions to science. 

In June, Dr. Elliot was appointed to Chair of McMaster University’s Department of Biology, which will commence next summer and be held for a five-year period.

Further, Dr. Elliot was announced President of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists last month – a non-profit organization with over 500 honorary, emeritus, student, and sustaining members. In this role, Dr. Elliot will oversee the Society’s mission to advance all aspects of microbiology and facilitate the sharing of ideas amongst microbiologists.

At McMaster University, Dr. Elliot is an Associate Professor within the Department of Biology and an Associate Member within the Department of Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences. She is a McMaster University Scholar and held a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Microbial Genomics from 2005-2015. Her research team of postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students within the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research studies the development, metabolism, gene regulation, and community behavior of the bacterial group, Streptomyces –  soil microbes that are renowned for their ability to produce a multitude of medicinally useful compounds. Dr. Elliot’s highly successful research program uses cutting-edge genetic, biochemical, and cell biological approaches to understand how antibiotic production is controlled and how it impacts microbial communities. Another objective of Dr. Elliot’s research is to develop powerful genetic tools that have the potential to stimulate the production of new antibiotics.

Marie’s passion, leadership, and dedication to both teaching and the scientific community have allowed her to make enormous strides within her field.

Congratulations, Marie, on these wonderful achievements!


Christy Groves