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Ontario High School Students Granted IIDR Awards at BASEF 2019

Tuesday, April 2nd at Mohawk College, Hamilton

Maya Morco, recipient of the 2019 Michael G. DeGroote IIDR Internship Award.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair’s (BASEF) Michael G. DeGroote IIDR Internship Awards.

The annual fair, now in its 59th year, is one of the oldest continuously running regional science fairs in Canada and gives grades 7 to 12 students the opportunity to showcase their hard work on projects related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The first-place award was presented to King’s Christian Collegiate student Maya Morcos for her project on investigating the effects of different environmental factors on Polysporin treatment. Maya’s creativity, resourcefulness, and application-based thinking granted her the unique opportunity to work as a student within the laboratory of an IIDR member this summer, allowing her to gain invaluable, hands-on experience in an academic setting.

Arielle Ainabe, a high-school student at Garth Webb Secondary School, was awarded First Runner-Up of the IIDR Internship Award.

The first runner-up award was presented to Arielle Ainabe of Garth Webb Secondary School, who developed a unique code that simulates the radiation protection ability of various materials. Arielle was recognized for her exceptional coding ability, attention to detail, and – most importantly – passion for all thing’s science. With the current growing emphasis on computational and analytical skills in the field of infectious disease research, Arielle’s project showed great potential for impact.

Finally, King’s Christian Collegiate student Christina Hanna was named second runner-up for her presentation on the eco-friendly rust prevention abilities of natural product extracts from the Jatropha plant – a project that is highly applicable to infectious disease and human health research as rusted surfaces are porous and difficult to decontaminate. The judges were especially impressed by Christina’s outstanding enthusiasm and knowledge of organic chemistry.

Second Runner-Up Christina Hanna of King’s Christian Collegiate.

All three students delivered highly successful projects at BASEF, allowing them to collectively receive an astounding sixteen awards during the annual BASEF Awards Ceremony. Such success highlights the incredible potential of these bright young scholars to one day become impactful researchers in their respective fields.

The IIDR would like to thank Masters student Luke Yaeger of Dr. Lori Burrows’ lab, and Surette lab Research Technician Tori Marko for taking the time to judge at this year’s BASEF fair.


Christy Groves