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New Online AMR Forum is a ‘Valuable Learning Resource’

arjun and andrew

Arjun Sharma and Dr. Andrew McArthur

An online forum developed at the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research offers users unprecedented access to information surrounding antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

The AMR Forums is the ideal platform for members of the drug resistance community to share their knowledge and expertise and engage in collaborative efforts to counter the growing threat of drug resistance, says Arjun Sharma, the forum’s moderator.

“I see it as a valuable learning resource the community can use to discuss anything related to AMR or AMR research,” adds Sharma. “In a way, it’s like an FAQ, a message board and information board all rolled into one.”

Sharma, a second-year biochemistry student, along with Dr. Andrew McArthur, McMaster’s inaugural Cisco Research Chair in Bioinformatics, created the forum to address an obvious need.

“In the next-generation sequencing and evolutionary biology communities there are excellent online forums, which are standing resources to get problems solved and exchange ideas and techniques,” says Dr. McArthur.

“In the bioinformatics and drug resistance fields there was no resource offering this type of engagement, and there are a lot of technical issues that we could all be discussing together.”

The forum will also serve as a question and answer space for McMaster’s Comprehensive Antibiotic Research Database (CARD) – a bioinformatic database of resistance genes, their products and associated phenotypes