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Substrate Recognition by a Colistin Resistance Enzyme from Moraxella catarrhalis

Haley Zubyk, MSc student in Gerry Wright’s lab and an author on the publication.

Lipid A phosphoethanolamine (PEtN) transferases belong to a family of enzymes that enable bacteria to have resistance against colistin – a last resort antibiotic in the clinic. In an effort to highlight important information regarding specific residues involved in catalysis and PEtN binding, scientific researchers Dr.  Dr. Gerry Wright’s team to examine the crystal structure of the catalytic domain of a chromosomally encoded intrinsic colistin resistance (ICR) enzyme in the pathogenic bacteria, Moraxella catarrhalis. Ultimately, the results obtained from this analysis aids in the advancement of the molecular and mechanistic understanding of PEtN transferases and their origins, which can in turn help halt the growing dissemination of these resistance elements.

Read the full publication here.


Christy Groves