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The Coversation: Can Bats Help Humans Survive the Next Pandemic?

Coronaviruses can cause illness in humans, ranging from symptoms of the common cold to SARS, causing disease and even death. Bats are believed to be hosts for several of these coronaviruses – yet interestingly, do not develop any clinical signs of disease when infected. Arinjay Banerjee, currently completing his PhD in Saskatoon, is exploring immune responses in bat and human cells to different viruses to uncover more about the adaptations of the bat immune system that allow them to survive infections with these viruses. He will join Dr. Karen Mossman‘s lab in 2018 as a post-doctoral fellow to continue these studies, in collaboration with Dr. Paul Faure who runs the McMaster Bat Lab. Such research can help to discover avenues for identification of novel therapeutics to prevent or treat future pandemics.

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Christy Groves