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The Mla Pathway Plays an Essential Role in the Intrinsic Resistance of Burkholderia spp. to Antimicrobials

Dr. Michael Surette is an IIDR Principal Investigator and a Professor of Medicine at McMaster University. Photo by Kevin Robbins.

Several Burkholderia species are highly pathogenic and intrinsically resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics. However, manipulating the structure of their outer membranes could increase their sensitivity to treatment.

In a recent study, Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Steve Bernier, Dr. Michael Surette, and Surette lab graduate student Susie Son show that the Mla pathway – a system involved in maintaining cell wall integrity – is genetically and functionally different within several species of Burkholderia in comparison to other proteobacteria.
Their results suggest that this pathway could represent an ideal genus-specific target to address Burkholderia’s intrinsic resistance to antimicrobials.
Read the full publication in the Journal of Bacteriology.


Christy Groves