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Brown Lab Trainee Amelia Guo Awarded 2018 Michael Kiley Scholarship in Antibiotic Resistance

Amelia Guo is a fourth year undergraduate student and this year’s recipient of the Michael Kiley Scholarship in Antibiotic Resistance.

The IIDR is pleased to announce fourth-year undergraduate student Amelia Guo as the first-ever recipient of the Michael Kiley Scholarship in Antibiotic Resistance.

Amelia’s drive, passion, and commitment to antimicrobial resistance research have already allowed her to make great strides in the field. During her undergraduate degree, Amelia’s study on the genetic determinants of bacterial morphology allowed her to identify a comprehensive list of genes that cause altered shape in the pathogenic bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae – an organism of high priority due to it’s rapidly emerging resistance to multiple antibiotics. Commencing this Fall, Amelia will return to the IIDR as a Master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Eric Brown, where she will expand on her investigation of morphology as an elusive target of K. pneumoniae – research that has broad applicability to human pathogens and infectious diseases and strong implications in drug discovery.

As the inaugural recipient of this prestigious scholarship, Amelia will receive an award amount of $1,000, offered through the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research on behalf of the family and friends of the late Michael Kiley – an Ontario man who lost his battle to a drug-resistant superbug in 2011. 

“This scholarship will not only aid my graduate studies here at the McMaster Institute for Infectious Disease Research, but more importantly, inspire me to further advocate for the awareness and importance of drug-resistant infections within our community.” 

Amelia will be continuing her studies this Fall as a Masters student in Dr. Eric Brown’s lab.

With the support of this scholarship, Amelia hopes to further strengthen her skill set while continuing to learn from the IIDR research community.

Read more about Michael’s story and the Michael Kiley Scholarship in Antibiotic Resistance here.

Congratulations, Amelia, on this tremendous success!