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IIDR Investigators Develop Novel Diagnostics Tool for the Hands-Free Detection of Food Pathogens

Photo: McMaster University

Is this meat safe to eat? Or should I throw it out?

In their most recent publication in ACS Nano, IIDR’s Dr. Tohid Didar and his team of mechanical and chemical engineers at McMaster University report the development of a novel diagnostics tool for the hands-free detection of pathogens in food samples. In collaboration with biochemists from IIDR’s Dr. Yingfu Li’s lab, the team designed a material called “Sentinel Wrap”, which presents a thin, flexible, and durable sensing surface that generates a fluorescence signal in the presence of specific target bacteria. This innovative technology can be incorporated directly into food packaging to signal contamination as it happens, and could potentially replace the traditional “best before” date on food and drink products.