Zeinab Hosseinidoust
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
(905) 525-9140 x 28745
The Hosseinidoust Lab addresses the global AMR crisis by using bacteriophages. Current research endeavors include the discovery and design of: Phage Antimicrobials The team uses bacteriophages for their inherent property: as bacterial killers. Specifically, they focus on understanding the interaction of bacteriophages with bacterial biofilms with the ultimate goal of designing bacteriophage cocktails that can be used independently or in combination with antibiotics to tackle biofilm infections medical implants. Phage Biomaterials In their simplest form, phages are bionanoparticles that can propagate themselves and self-assemble. These properties make them more powerful than synthetic nanoparticles. The Lab packs bacteriophages into solid form to design antimicrobial hydrogels, microgels and coatings. Phage Diagnostics Bacteriophages are very effective at finding and specifically targeting their host bacteria in nature. The team uses this property to design high throughput and point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases.