Zhou Xing
Professor, Pathology & Molecular Medicine
(905) 525-9140 x 22354
Member, McMaster Immunology Research Centre

Dr. Zhou Xing’s research team studies mucosal immunity against respiratory infectious diseases including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and the influenza virus. They also study the mechanisms of innate immune memory and trained innate immunity, and adaptive T cell memory and immunity. Further, the Xing Lab investigates the mechanistic difference in parenteral and respiratory mucosal vaccine strategies. Together with chemical engineers and medical aerosol specialists, they develop spray drying technologies for improved thermostability (cold chain-free) and aerosol inhalational delivery (needle-free) of virus-based vaccines. They have been working together with clinical infectious disease specialists and respirologists to carry out bench-to-human translational research focused on testing novel tuberculosis vaccine strategies in human volunteers.